Counselling for Couples, Mid-life Issues,
Career Changes and Life Transitions

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Sally Halliday, M.A., RCC, CCC
Registered Clinical Counsellor

Change is Possible

If you feel stressed, stuck or discouraged—counselling can support you to re-focus and get back on the right track.

Self knowledge is the first step to creating an empowered life. You can develop healthier coping skills, appreciate your own strengths, learn to say no, listen instead of defend and act on what you want. Sally Halliday will use her skills and expertise to support you in your journey of self-discovery and encourage you to create the life you want.

One focus of counselling is to resolve the past and develop new perspectives for the future. This makes room for greater joy and satisfaction, more meaningful work, and a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Like all journeys, the beginning seems daunting. The key is to embark on this path in a safe environment in partnership with a compassionate professional.

Contact Sally and start right where you are. Psychometrics MBTI Certified